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Sincerely Symponia Nonprofit Organization

At Symponia Hospice, our heartfelt mission is rooted in a profound commitment to compassion and care. That’s why we made it our mission to form Sincerely Symponia, our nonprofit organization dedicated to helping hospice patients and their families experiencing financial crisis. Symponia, derived from the Greek word for 'compassion,' stands as the very essence of our charitable purpose and guides every step we take.

We're Making a Difference. And You Can, Too!

Sincerely Symponia believes that every individual enrolled in a hospice care center deserves comfort and support, regardless of their financial limitations. We understand the immense financial burdens those in hospice care may face, and we are determined to be a beacon of hope during their time of need. Through small personal grants, we aim to make a profound and positive impact on the lives of these courageous individuals, assisting them with critical expenses during the tender closing stages of their life's journey. 


Our hearts are sincerely dedicated to easing the minds of patients in need and offering compassionate support. We aspire to provide valuable resources, education and community outreach programs that embrace and uplift those in the hospice community. By assisting hospice patients with essential expenses, our hope is to alleviate some of the burdens they and their families bear, granting them solace and peace.


Together, let's create a world where compassion and care envelop each hospice patient and their families, offering them warmth and reassurance throughout their journey. With your support, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve.

Matching Gifts

Double the power of your donation with a matching gift to Sincerely Hospice! Many companies match charitable donations made by employees and retirees, helping your contribution to go even further.

How Your Business, Organization, Civic
or Church Group Can Help

There are many ways you can help — host a fundraising event to benefit Sincerely Symponia, become an event sponsor, and more. Please contact our foundation for information.

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How Your Donations Help

Your support for our beloved nonprofit organization makes an incredible impact in the lives of our hospice patients in need of financial support. It is through the collective efforts of compassionate individuals like you that we can continue to bring love, dignity and needed resources to hospice patients and their families.

What sets Sincerely Symponia apart from other hospices is our mission to provide what is needed, not just what qualifies for reimbursement by Medicare or other insurance. Many of our programs and services could not exist without the generous support of our community.

We Honor Veterans

We love our nation's veterans, and they hold a special place in our hearts! That's why we are proud to participate in the National Hospice and Palliative Care’s We Honor Veterans Program.

Request gifts to Sincerely Symponia by including the following line in obituaries

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to:

Sincerely Symponia 

4288 Memorial Drive Suite B

Decatur, GA 30032

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Memorial Donations

Memorial donations are a meaningful way to honor a loved one or help others in need. It is our pleasure to notify the family of your thoughtful remembrance.

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Gifts of Stock Property

Sincerely Symponia also welcomes gifts of appreciated stock or securities, gifts of real estate or personal property, and gifts-in-kind.

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Planned Gifts

A gift of a charitable trust or annuity, estate gift, or outright bequest to Sincerely Symponia is a meaningful way to leave a lasting legacy and make a difference in our community.

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Music Therapy Program Support

In addition to helping hospice patients in financial crisis, your generous donations will play a vital role in supporting our hospice Music Therapy Program, an essential aspect of our holistic approach to care.


Through the power of soul-soothing melodies, our Music Therapy Program aims to bring moments of tranquility and joy to hospice patients and their families. The therapeutic benefits of music are undeniable, as it can ease pain, reduce anxiety, and create precious connections between patients and their loved ones.

Connect With Us

Thank you for your interest in Sincerely Symponia nonprofit organization. If you are a hospice patient in need of assistance or have any questions, please reach out to us.


Sincerely Symponia

4288 Memorial Drive, Suite B

Decatur, GA 30032 


Phone: (770) 456-5701

Fax: 404-382-8643

With profound gratitude, we thank you for considering our cause and standing with us in this beautiful journey to bring compassion, love and support. 

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