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Doctor and Patient

Hospice FAQs

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Dedicated to Care

We are dedicated to giving our patients a pain-free, peaceful, and comfortable life to make the most of every minute. Because each patient is unique, we tailor our care to meet individual patient’s needs. We are committed to a patient experience that is upheld by integrity and respect. The Symponia Team works hard to ensure that our patients are comfortable, and that all of their questions and concerns are addressed.

Fact 1: Hospice care is intended to provide comfort and quality care throughout a patient's health journey.


Fact 2: Most hospice care is provided in the place the patient calls home. 

Fact 3: Choosing Symponia Hospice means choosing prestigious care and compassionate service. 

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"We Are Compassion"

Hospice is a specialized type of care, and our patients deserve compassionate care befitting of their health needs. At Symponia Hospice, we provide a specialized care based on the philosophy of treating the patient, rather than treating only the disease. Our care focuses on quality of life. Symponia’s team of professionals surround each patient and their family with comfort, as well as emotional and spiritual support.

Learn more about our work and how we are improving the lives of every patient.


Check out our list of frequently asked questions below to get the answers you need. If you still feel like you have a question for us, feel free to call us at (770) 456-5701, and one of our staff members will be sure to help you out.


Hospice Resources

At Symponia Hospice, we understand how challenging it can be to care for yourself or a loved one who is nearing end of life. That’s why we offer hospice resources to help make this difficult time easier for everyone involved. These hospice resources are available to help you or your family make informed decisions and find comfort during a difficult time. Whether you’re looking for resources and support for yourself or a loved one, Symponia Hospice provides compassionate care and prestigious service.

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